My Life Without ED

“Recovery is learning that you have a choice: You can choose to be hopeful rather than hopeless; you can choose to act from faith rather than react from fear; and you can choose to enjoy life rather than merely survive it.”


Imagine a world so small that it hurts to breathe.  A world that makes you feel like you don’t deserve to smile.. to love.. to live.  In this world.. the ring is only big enough for 2.
You & ED.
Of course when you throw your first punch your gonna stumble.. your gonna fall.. and you’ll probably want to give up.  ED is going to knock you down.  He is going to make you feel insignificant. And he is going to throw some sucker punches when you least expect it… But here’s the thing:

The only way ED will ever win… is if you give up.

A lot of people refer to ED as the “abusive boyfriend” …this metaphor seems pretty accurate.  ED definitely gets his hits in both physically and mentally.
In this scenario you have 2 choices:
(1) You can stay with ED and keep letting him walk all over you.
(2) You can take a self defense class and kick his ass…

… I chose door #2

What did I find behind door number 2?

My relationship with my family is stronger than ever: 

376773_10200263695898474_1823253182_n   10370817_10202549376079050_3124639878019122588_n


My Friends: 

 1424382_10201238129978717_1981482382_n 10509643_10202760782524079_648183292986813179_n

My Job: 


My Love for Fitness & Advocare:


AND I even try to cook every once in awhile…  


But most importantly… I found confidence and true happiness for myself.

Do I still have rough days? Of course.  But I would take a life time of “rough days” over another minute spent with ED.  I wake up every day with the motivation to be better than I was before.  Not SKINNIER than I was the day before.. but stronger, healthier, smarter, and kinder.

Don’t give up. Don’t settle. Don’t make excuses.  

Make every day count xoxo

2 thoughts on “My Life Without ED

  1. I am so proud of you, Morgan. In the darkest days of your relationship with ED I dreamt that one day you’d be in a place to help others to combat their own EDs. You have fulfilled and surpassed that dream! You are incredible, inspirational and so strong. You are AMAZING.

  2. you are amazing. I love you and I am so proud of you girlfriend!!!! SO PROUD!!! Anyone can surpass anything they want, all they need is to believe in themselves and surround themselves with people who inspire them to be better. You are an inspiration <3

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