I Did NOT Wake Up Like This

“We often look for quick fixes to fulfill our dreams…
But there is no quick fix.
You have to do the dirty work, stretch yourself, face your fears,
and eventually become your dream self”

 Alright, lets talk…

First, grab a piece of paper and a pen…

Now, I encourage you to write down your goals
Short term, long term… I dont care…
Do you have dreams for yourself?
Write it down.

Ready… Go!

Now, I challenge you to write down the steps you will take to achieve those goals.


Well because dreams don’t become a reality just by wishing for it…

In today’s world it is so easy to get wrapped up in this idea of a “quick fix”… Anything we could possibly want is at our finger tips with the click of a button.  We are bombarded by this notion that we can have the “perfect” body in 5 days just by taking some magic pill.  We can wake up with 6 pack abs just by wrapping a belt around our waist…


Well, the truth is it doesn’t really work like that.

Next question…

and I want you to be totally honest with yourself.

WHY do you want to achieve these goals?

Self confidence?
To fit in?
For attention?
To make someone proud?
To attract the “perfect” guy/girl?
To prove someone wrong?

Whatever it is… be honest… and write it down.

Last question…

In the face of adversity, is your “WHY” strong enough to keep you going?

Why am I asking you all this? Because dreams don’t happen overnight

Life is tough…
Its going to knock you down
You’re gonna want to give up
And at times it will be easier to quit than to keep going


 “Good things take time”

Heard this before?
I don’t care… because its true.

I have spent the last 5 years working harder on myself than anything else.
I did not acquire abs overnight
I eat for MY goals 
I work my ass off every single day
and I refuse to give up.

Do I slip up every now and then?
ED throws his jabs every single day…
I know my purpose is stronger now than ED will ever be


Consistency is key…

Have a plan.
Stick to the plan.
Accomplish the goal.
Create new a goal.


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