An Open Letter to Khloe and Revenge Body

Dear Khloe & Producers,

Your intentions may be good, but Revenge Body by Khloe is harmful, problematic and extremely unhealthy both physically and mentally.  As someone who has struggled with anorexia and exercise bulimia for 7 years, I have spent countless hours in therapy trying to undo the mindset that you are instilling in these contestants, as well as all of America.

“Positive transformations are all about starting from the inside out” you boast to your 62 million Instagram followers. “Its not about being ‘skinny’ or ‘fat'” you say…  its about “THINKING habits.” But if this is the case, where are your “expert” celebrity therapists?  As a personal trainer, I know we all play the therapist role at one point or another, but in no way shape or form am I qualified to dig into the deeper underlying problems that these contestants are dealing with. If your celebrity trainers do, in fact, have degrees and experience in mental health counseling, then I apologize for my ignorance.

Now, lets get into the concept of “revenge body”.

“When you break up with someone, usually a cheating piece of shit who really wasn’t worth your time and you work your ass off to look the best you can just to piss him/her off and make them regret their poor choices.”- Urban Dictionary

In what ‘alternative facts’ universe is this mindset healthy?   I’ve seen the show and I know that it’s not just to get back at an ex but there are also contestants who want revenge on parents and “friends” for making them feel worthless in their past.  So, we take these broken people and convince them that the best way to get back at and/or with someone is by getting skinny?  Do you realize how dangerous and disgusting this concept is?

Let me tell you a story…

I was 19 years old, I was sophmore at Rutgers University, a cheerleader, and straight A student.  I had a relationship with a boy that made me feel like I was perfect.  Until one day, out of no where, he wanted nothing to do with me.  I was heartbroken.  I found out that he started seeing another girl in a sorority and she was about half my weight.  I remember looking at her pictures where my roommate and I decided that she must have an eating disorder because of how skinny she was.  From that moment on I decided that I was going to get a “revenge body” to show him what he was missing.  I had it engrained in my mind that the only way I will ever be loved is if I get as skinny as that girl.  Less then 6 months later I woke up in a hospital bed, at 5’7, 96lbs, and with a severe heart condition.  My desire for a “revenge body” spiraled into a nearly-fatal eating disorder.  Along with the weight I also lost everything that was important to me. I lost my friends, I lost my cheerleading career, and I had to drop out of school because I could no longer take care of myself.  The only thing I had left was my parents, who had to coddle me like I was a 5 year old child again.  My desire for a “revenge” body destroyed my life.

And now I have to sit here and watch you tell America that this is “healthy.” Really?

So lets just say these people get lucky and do not develop an eating disorder.  What do they actually gain?  Dehydration and a loss of lean muscle mass?  A destroyed metabolism because all they drank were smoothies for 12 weeks?  Or do they win the love and affection of the condescending people who only care about physical appearances.

It’s a disgrace to promote the notion that a person’s worth is directly linked to one’s physical appearance.  Regardless of how “healthy” your intentions are, I hope you SOON realize how detrimental this show is.


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